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Organization and Storage

Cut down on your clutter and become a master of organization with a custom closet. Whether it requires custom-cut pieces or innovative shelving systems, we’ll create your ideal closet space.

If you are feeling less than neat and tidy with your closet space, own a tiny home lacking closet storage or just want to organize the space you have, a custom closet system will help find a place for everything in your home that matters.

After taking inventory of what you need to store, choose components and features that fit your belongs. Getting your home organized and finding the right storage solutions is not rocket science, but it can be overwhelming without the proper storage solutions.

When it comes to shared closet space, functionality and aesthetics are at the top of most couples’ lists. It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, you can create a practical and well-organized shared closet design that works for your needs.


Most of us can't add more closets, but we can add more space... inside our closets! How? By rearranging your space with a closet organizer.

Redline Closet Systems will custom design and custom build your system faster and for less cost, with better quality, more choices and greater style than most of our competitors. Clutter...eventually it gets to most of us. Stuff multiplies, space shrinks, and chaos takes over. Redline Closet Systems can end the disarray in your closet and help bring organization to your life.

But clutter doesn't end with our closets; it creeps into all areas of our homes, overtaking us everywhere. Fight back with closet organizers from Redline.

Redline Closet Systems use every inch of space, with shelves, bins, and compartments to organize things. Redline offers you quality... to stand up over time. Redline offers you choice...colors, accessories and finishing touches to make it yours. Redline offers you style...choices to make your closet part of your home.

Your closet is part of your bedroom...a part that most of us keep hidden because of the chaos lurking inside. But imagine what your closet could be. Shirts hanging neatly in one area, jackets and slacks in another, sweaters stacked neatly on shelves for easy access, even a place for your dirty laundry. If you can imagine it, Redline Closet Systems can do it.

But organizing your closet isn't enough; it has to look great too. With more than 30 door styles and eight standard colors/finishes, you're sure to find something that blends perfectly with your décor. And with a large selection of countertops and hardware, your finished closet will look fantastic.